Everyday I’m Toppling

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Show your playful side with our Tuk Tuk socks. This ‘why did it take so long for this?’ pair is designed to delight. The orange background creates an eye-opening contrast so you’ll always look on the bright side of life even if you are stuck behind a Piaggio Ape. Treat your wardrobe to a fresh dose of mischief today! Made from combed cotton and pre-washed for colour retention. Available as crew and ankle socks. P.S – spot the Tuk that’s going the wrong way!

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  • MAZE socks are designed and produced in the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka.
  • Fits you if your shoe size is between 6 and 12
  • MAZE socks are constructed from 80% combed cotton, making these the perfect socks for hot climates due to its softness and absorption.
  • Every pair is at a needle count of exactly 144 to ensure the sock being not too thick or not too thin.
  • All our socks are pre-washed for long-lasting colour retention and an even softer feel.
  • Guaranteed to be the perfect fit and length for optimal comfort.
  • We craft our products with a no-slip cuff and reinforced toe as standard providing you with a comfortable hug around your feet.
  • Our pattern socks are the ultimate blend of comfort and style creating products that help people express their individuality
  • All socks are manually double checked before packing to ensure quality.

For Best Results:
Always wash inside out – the label says it in 6 languages for a reason
Machine wash cold & tumble dry low. Hell no to bleach

For Worst Results:
Tie onto a tuk-tuk on a rainy day and drive around. Dry inside microwave.

Can be washed by both Men AND Women #ShareTheLoad

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Ankle Sock, Crew Sock

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